3 thoughts on “how many photovoltaic solar panels can you fit into 1 acre of land, and any idea on cost?”

  1. Depends on the layout of the panels, the dimensions of the panels or cells(if plan to make your own).

    need more details. . . . there’s a lot of factors.

  2. 1 acre has 4000 meters squared. You could put about 2000 m^2 of panels that would produce about 720 kilo watts peak and about 3500 kw-hrs of energy.

    The system would cost about $5,800,000. You would sell about $350 per day of power or $130,000 per year before operating expenses, so net about $100,000 when they fail in 25 years, you will have brought in $2,500,000.

    OH well Obama will bail you out when he has placed himself in a King of the USSA.

  3. there are ways to calculate this yourself, I had the same issue and ran across this site that explained how to calculate these numbers. hope it helps!

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